+ Do I need an appointment to set my hair?

+ Do I have to come to the salon to set my hair?

+ How much does it cost to set my hair?

+ Do I have to come in during working hours?

+ Do You do Brazilian Blow Waves?

+ If your hair gets wet after doing the brazilian blow dry ...will it be straight still

+ What is the difference between the brazillian and the amezon keratin, and also the difference between prices?

+ How long after the treatment can I bleach my hair?

+ Can I use a non-salom colour after the process. I normally colour my hair with non-permanent colour from Nice and Easy?

+ Will the treatment wash out if I swim often in the sea?

+ I had brazilian today and bought the brasil cacau anti frizz shampoo but saw that it has sodium laureth sulfate in is it the right stuff to use after a treatment

Can I colour my hair after I have had a brazillian blow dry, or should I rather colour it before?

If I recently colour treated my hair..can I still have the Brazillian Blow Wave?

Do you have to use any particular shampoo and conditioner after the brazilian blow dry treatment?

I have ethnic hair can i use this type of treatment and will it be sucessful?

1. is the Brazilian blow dry only for white people? can black people have it done?

How much would the shampoo and conditioner be.

Do you have to use the same brand of Shampoo as the Keratin Treatment or can you use a different brand of Shampoo providing it is still salt and sulfate free?

Do you do children's hair. I have a 7 year old with medium length hair. Would like to know if there is a price difference for the brazilian blow wave. Thanks

does the brazilain blow out damage bleached blonde hair , my hair is a bit damaged at the moment

Do you do a colour shampoo?

Can you do the brazilian blow wave on hair if you have hair extensions?

Is it safe to do Brasil cacau if I'm pregnant in my first months

What mousse can I use on a brazilian blow wave?

Do I need a GHD iron after doing a brazilian blow dry treatment?

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